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This purpose of this thread is to document all CAP buffs and nerfs in one central location. This thread may eventually be expanded to include changes from Post Play Lookbacks, generational movepool updates, DLC movepool updates, and more, but for now the scope is limited to purely buffs and nerfs.

Additional information:
  • Buffs are conducted on defunct CAPs through a community-based process, not unlike the main CAP creation process. This happens roughly twice a year during the downtime between main CAP processes as long as the metagame is stable.
  • Nerfs and nerf reversions are conducted internally by the metagame council. Nerf reversions usually occur as a result of DLC increasing the power level and making a previous nerf unnecessary. Read more about how we conduct nerfs here and nerf reversions here.
  • An asterisk * next to a Pokemon's name indicates that the change was carried out after the generation concluded.
  • All the hyperlinks for buffs are linked to the winning buff's announcement post. If there was no announcement post, they link to the raw poll results instead.
  • All dates indicate when the buff / nerf was announced, or if there was a poll, when the poll was concluded, not the date of the implementation on PS.

Gen 4
:revenankh:*Revenankh NerfedAbility: -Shed SkinOct 24 2023-
:krilowatt:*Krilowatt NerfedMovepool: -Blizzard, -Ice BeamOct 24 2023-

Gen 5
:aurumoth: *Aurumoth NerfedAbility: +Light Metal, -Illusion
Movepool: -Quiver Dance
Dec 10 2022Joint nerf with ORAS. No announcement post yet.

Gen 6
:crucibelle-mega:*Mega Crucibelle NerfedMovepool: -Head Smash, -Low KickJun 30 2022Followed movepool removals from its SM nerf to better maintain parity between generations.
:kerfluffle:*Kerfluffle NerfedMovepool: -Focus BlastDec 10 2022-
:aurumoth:*Aurumoth NerfedAbility: +Light Metal, -Illusion
Movepool: -Quiver Dance
Dec 10 2022Joint nerf with BW. Followed movepool and ability changes from SM to better maintain parity between generations.

Gen 7
:crucibelle-mega:Mega Crucibelle NerfedStats: +6 SpA, -6 Spe
Movepool: -Head Smash, -Low Kick
Feb 16 2019-
:necturna:Necturna NerfedStats: -23 Spe
Movepool: -Phantom Force
Mar 5 2019-
:aurumoth:Aurumoth NerfedMovepool: -Quiver DanceJun 19 2019Illusion was replaced with the flavor ability Light Metal as a result of its Gen 7 updates.
:equilibra:Equilibra NerfedMovepool: -Dragon Tail, -Toxic, -WhirlwindOct 10 2019-
:jumbao:*Jumbao NerfedAbility: Drought made into HA; locked from use
Weight: -400kg (SS and SM)
Aug 5 2022-

Gen 8
:astrolotl:Astrolotl NerfedMovepool: -Explosion, -Toxic, -TrickAug 9 2020-
:equilibra:Equilibra NerfedAbility: -Bulletproof
Stats: -12 SpA
Sep 5 2020-
:astrolotl:Astrolotl NerfedMovepool: -Knock Off, -WishFeb 13 2021-
:voodoom:Voodoom BuffedStats: +25 SpA
Movepool: +Sucker Punch
May 16 2021-
:pyroak:Pyroak BuffedAbility: +Contrary, -White Smoke
Movepool: +Slack Off, -Leaf Storm
Feb 9 2022-
:pyroak: Pyroak NerfedStats: -20 SpA
Movepool: -Slack Off
Feb 27 2022-
:pyroak:Pyroak NerfedStats: -5 SpA, -25 SpDAug 3 2022-
:equilibra:Equilibra Nerf RevertedAbility: +Bulletproof
Stats: +12 SpA
Sep 5 2022-
:miasmaw:Miasmaw BuffedStats: -27 SpA, +20 SpD, +7 Spe
Movepool: +Gunk Shot, +U-turn, +Wild Charge
Oct 5 2022-

:chromera:Chromera Buffed
Typing: Dark/Poison -> Dark/Normal
Movepool: +Switcheroo
Oct 18 2022-
:venomicon:Venomicon NerfedStats: -20 Atk
Movepool: -Earth Power, -Mystical Fire
Sep 30 202220 Attack was removed in order to maintain the shared BST with its alternate form.

:venomicon-epilogue:Venomicon-Epilogue Nerfed
Stats: -1 SpA, -19 Spe
Movepool: -Earth Power, -Mystical Fire
Sep 30 20221 Special Attack was removed in order to keep a clean BST.

Gen 9
:revenankh:Revenankh NerfedMovepool: -PoltergeistMar 20 2023Intended to be revisited after Home + DLC shifts.
:revenankh:Revenankh Nerf RevertedMovepool: +PoltergeistMar 8 2024
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